Allied Artists  


Josephine Ain Chuey

Josephine was married to Robert Chuey, the love of her life. They met while she was modeling for his art class at UCLA. When she modeled, sometimes she would adorn fabulous costumes and sometimes she would model nude. Although Josephine was recognized for her paintings, she supported her husband as the true artist in the family.


Norman Rockwell

Portrait of Robert Chuey by Norman Rockwell
Oil on cardboard
20 x 16 in..




Al Pitzner

Black & White Photographs of Robert and Josephine Chuey by Al Pitzner.



Edmund Teske

Black & White Photographs of Josephine Chuey by Edmund Teske.



Bob King

Oil on canvas
34 x 24 in.




Rico Lebrun

A native of Naples, Italy, Rico Lebrun became a successful commercial and fine artist, known for his monochromatic color and expressionistic methods ...




Hirokazu Kosaka

Hirokazu Kosaka is a multi-disciplinary artist and Buddhist priest based in Los Angeles ...




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